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Sealing FAQ

  • What is the operating temperature range of oil seals?

    For the standard seals type, FKM can tolerate 200℃, but NBR not exceed 90℃. HNBR have the best cold resistance -30~-40℃ and heat-resistant up to 150℃. EPDM has similar temperature range with NBR, but it can withstand ozone resistance. It is good to be used as bicycle shock absorber. Different materials costs can be 4~8 times. Please ask for oil seals design form from TCS sales team, so that RD department can suggest you suitable material.
  • How often do I need to replace oil seals?

    The durability of oil seals depends on its design type. TCS will perform annual life test on the oils seals applied to harsh environment such as heavy duty, critical rotating speed and high pressure. Basically automobile oil seals can run for 100,000 KM, industrial oil seals can be used for 1.5~2 years. PTFE has shorter service life. It needs to be evaluated according to different environments.
  • Why the oil seals leak?

    Except for the storage conditions, the cleanliness and roughness on shaft/bore will affect the performance. The oil seals operate under the temperature and pressure, any contamination and hole can cause oil leaking after working for a while. Not correctly install by even pressure tooling can also easily caused leakage.
  • How to divide oil seals types?

    There are more than 400 oil seals types in TCS and still keep developing. Different companies have their own coding principle, but the market is still dominated by the types of NOK Corporation, Japan's oil seal company. The type of TCS oil seal is similar to types of NOK, so it is easier for consumers to choose.
  • What are oils seals used to?

    Oil seals are mainly used to seal the shaft of machinery to achieve sealing performance during operation. Mechanical operation is divided into static, rotating and reciprocating. Different operating modes will be matched by different types of oil seals.

    Please contact sales department for further information.
  • The warranty of TCS oil seals?

    TCS oil seals provide one year warranty after the products were shipped. (Please contact sales department for exception
  • How long is preservation of oil seals?

    It depends on different manufacturers. Rubber products rely on the temperature, humility and Illuminance of storage environment. If it is stored in suitable place, it can last to 5 years.
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